After a long season of running around the country with FR Labs, partying it up, I mean working hard and running Hunt Tests, Laird got to come home. He ran his last test of the season at the North Dakota Retriever Club (NDRC), his home grounds, and earned his 4th AKC Master Pass of his career.

Throughout the season Laird ran tests in seven states including Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Tennessee. For AKC Hunt Tests Laird finished the 2022 season with 4 AKC Master Passes. On the HRC side, he ended with 4 Seasoned Passes, 8 Finished Passes, and 160 total points.

Laird found a bit of a surprise when he was sprung free from the FR Labs trailer he had a little sister, Moira, to play with. Laird had briefly met Moira right after she came home in May but we didn’t let them play together considering how young she was at the time. This time Laird and Moira got to run around the NDRC grounds and just have some fun before heading home.

North Dakota Retriever Club