Meet Laird, a Good Looking Dog

Meet Laird our large, fun-loving, & loveable yellow labrador retriever. As Laird is the first dog that we bought together, and the first dog that either of us had that came from hunting lines, we have gone through a steep learning curve. Advice often given is that one shouldn’t choose to purchase a puppy based on color, however, in our case we were searching for a breeder of fox red labs. In our search for a puppy we chose Torg’s Labs as our breeder as they specialize in breeding fox red labs.

Why Is He Named “Laird”?

This one took us some time. We decided we wanted a name that started with “L” because both Jo and Shawn had previously owned dogs that had names that started with “L” (Lena, Libby, and Loki). Since we both have Scottish ancestry we also wanted something that reflected that heritage. In the end, Laird was selected and the name seems to fit his personality, especially now that he is earning titles on his Hunt Tests.

Physical Characteristics

While Laird is not the largest labrador he is on the larger size. We joke that he is our “dire lab” as opposed to a “dire wolf”.

  • Laird weighs about 80 lbs, which is not exceptional for a lab however given that we (and his trainers) keep him lean and mean
  • Laird is approximately 25-inches tall at the shoulder and 55-inches long
  • His coat has darkened as he has gotten older to have more of a fox-red coloring
  • He has white wings on both front shoulders, a trait that he shares with his sire, Robby
  • Laird has a snow nose with his nose turning from dark to pink during the winter months


  • Laird is a hunting dog with a lot of drive.
  • He is pretty much fearless